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Introverts! Do These 5 Things to be Happy, Land the Perfect Job, Find Your Soul Mate, Lose Weight, and Never Get Sick Again—But Not Really

I can’t honestly sell you on a title that promises your life will change overnight if you follow these 10 self care rituals. Because it won’t. If you truly want to grow to accept, value, and love every aspect of your introverted self, you’ll have to be willing to get a little messy.

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For Introverts, Doing More Isn’t Productive—A Minimalist Approach to Time Management

Anyone would benefit from giving themselves permission to do less, but introverts—especially highly sensitive ones—process their surroundings very deeply and can become overstimulated easily as a result. In fact, too much of it can lead to mental and physical symptoms. We require plenty of time to recover from this heightened state and reflect on our experiences. If we get into the habit of doing, doing, doing, we’re depriving ourselves of that vital recharge time. Instead, I propose that the secret to “success” isn’t sleeping less and doing more. The secret is simplifying.

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The Ramblers Book Review

The Ramblers by Aidan Donnelly Rowley isn’t a novel about finding yourself when you’re lost. Instead, it’s a novel about learning to be okay with uncertainty and accepting that sometimes we all feel a little lost.

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How to Create Your Introvert Haven—Even When You Have Roommates

For introverts, nothing’s more important than alone time. Seriously, our need to spend time alone to recharge is so vital, we can experience physical symptoms if we don’t get it. While having your own place is the ideal (trust me, I had my own apartment for 3 glorious years and it was the best), sometimes personal circumstances cause us to forfeit that luxury.

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My Experience: Being a Young Introvert with Extraverted Parents

Growing up as the only introvert in a house full of extraverts was hard, and I couldn’t wait to move out. I felt so different from the rest of my household, and I thought that I was wrong.

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Journaling: An Introvert’s Best Friend

As introverts, we tend to spend a lot of time in our heads. We also tend to express ourselves much more confidently through writing. Knowing this, it's no surprise that many introverts take to journaling to get their thoughts out of their heads and make sense of them. There are many different ways to journal. You just have to try a few to find what works for you. Here are a couple methods I find helpful and the notebooks I use for each one.

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Introverts! Get over FOMO When Reading a Book with The 100-Rule

To relieve my FOMO, when trying to decide if a book is worth continuing or even starting in the first place, I've developed a few rules that I rarely break. In this series, I'll be sharing my rules with you, my fellow reader.

Book Reviews

The Wicked City Book Review

This title stars Ginger (Gin) Kelly, a flapper in the 1920's, who finds herself inside a spy thriller, helping to take down her comically evil bootlegger step-dad. And Ella, a woman scorned by the infidelity of her husband in a version of 1998 where everyone has a cell phone.

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The Girls Book Review

While I tend to approach first novels with apprehension. The Girls was one of the best books I’ve read in a while. The pictures Cline paints allow the reader to feel everything alongside Evie, and it’s captivating. Whenever I put the book down, I found myself craving the magical place that was the ranch. When the illusion wears off for Evie, I craved what the ranch once was.