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Introverts! Do These 5 Things to be Happy, Land the Perfect Job, Find Your Soul Mate, Lose Weight, and Never Get Sick Again—But Not Really

I can’t honestly sell you on a title that promises your life will change overnight if you follow these 10 self care rituals. Because it won’t. If you truly want to grow to accept, value, and love every aspect of your introverted self, you’ll have to be willing to get a little messy.

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For Introverts, Doing More Isn’t Productive—A Minimalist Approach to Time Management

Anyone would benefit from giving themselves permission to do less, but introverts—especially highly sensitive ones—process their surroundings very deeply and can become overstimulated easily as a result. In fact, too much of it can lead to mental and physical symptoms. We require plenty of time to recover from this heightened state and reflect on our experiences. If we get into the habit of doing, doing, doing, we’re depriving ourselves of that vital recharge time. Instead, I propose that the secret to “success” isn’t sleeping less and doing more. The secret is simplifying.